Android Information

Here is a collection of information about programming the Android platform.

Getting a tablet

If you have your own Android device you will be able to use it as your test device, they are all programmable. If you need a device, the department has some Android tablets that can be checked out by group members. You will need to get authorized by the Administrative TA in order to check out a tablet or phone. Once you are authorized, you will need to stop by (ROOM TBA) in the interval of 12:45-2:30 to pick up your tablet or phone from Steve DiBlasio.

Android Programming

  • You should be able to install the Android Studio development environment on your Win/Mac/Linux machine.
  • This environment includes a simulator and debugger, and for most aspects of phone apps they can be developed completely in the simulator. Only a few features like the camera and the accelerometer do not work correctly in the simulator. The actual phones run quite a bit faster than the simulator, that is the main advantage of developing on the phone.
  • The developer site at is a very thorough site which has all the resources you need to get going.
  • Here is a recommended order to get going
    1. Download and Install Android Studio from the above site.
    2. Work through the Getting Started training.