Contact Information

For quickest response, post to Piazza. Send private questions for all instructors to "Instructors" under Piazza. For private issues, email the professor and/or TA directly.

Professor  Scott Smith
phone  410-516-5299
office  Malone 219
Head Teaching Assistant Shiwei Weng
email  wengshiwei --at--
Teaching Assistant Leandro Facchinetti
email lfacchi1 --at--
Course Assistant

The Collab Lab Hours (Not final yet!!)

All office hours are collab lab hours, which will occur in the CS undergrad lab, Malone 122, unless otherwise noted.

  • T 4:30-6:00PM (with Shiwei)
  • MW 3:00-4:00PM (this will be in Malone 219, with Prof. Scott)
  • W 4:30-6:00PM (with Shiwei)
  • F 3:00-4:00PM (with Leandro)