Contact Information and Office Hours

Please contact us through Piazza, if it is confidential post it as a private post for instructors only, or to one of us individually.

We are always available individually by apppointment, just email with some suggested time(s) and we will set something up.

Instructor  Scott F. Smith
phone  410-516-5299
office  Malone 219
office hours  Monday and Wednesday, 300PM - 400PM, Malone 219

Teaching Assistant - Homeworks Leandro Facchinetti
email   lfacchi2 <at> jhu <dot> edu

Head Course Assistant - Projects Manan Wason
email  mwason1 <at> jhu <dot> edu

Projects Course Assistant Yash Kumar Lal

Projects Course Assistant Satish Palaniappan

Projects Course Assistant Anuraag Baishya

Homeworks Course Assistant Michelle Shu

Homeworks Course Assistant Manish Sharma

Homeworks Course Assistant Andrew Fan

Homeworks Course Assistant Muskaan Kalra

Office hours

Office hours are kept in this spreadsheet, and expertise of various CA's behond the happy path tools is also listed there.

CAs will conduct office hours in the undergraduate collaboration lab in Malone 122. Students are encouraged to just come hang out and work in the lab during office hours, you don't just have to show up with questions.