Project Iteration 6: Final Demo

You need to do three things:
  • Demonstrate your working project to the Professor and TA's on demo day
  • Make your final git pushes to your gitlab repository

Demo Presentations

All groups will demonstrate their projects in the announced room on the final "demo day" to the prof/TA's. The particular assigned dates/times/rooms will be announced.

See the course Project presentations page for information on presentation details.

Demo Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation criteria from the demo include:
  • Was the demo well-structured?
  • Was a working project produced?
  • Was the database seeded with enough data to fully show off the app?
  • How advanced is the project?
  • Did errors or glitches arise? Were exceptional cases handled gracefully?
  • GUI quality: ease of use (fits into standard look and feel conventions), lack of glitches.

Final Submission Requirements

This is the same as the previous several iterations, and additionally includes a peer evaluation. Along with your code, make sure to update your GitHub Project boards, README, and Changelog to reflect the final status of your project. Include any features you didn't get to in a hypothetical iteration 7 on your project boards.

Evaluation of Your Group Members

Each project group member is also required to confidentially evaluate the performance of other members of his or her group. The Markdown form to use is here, there are multiple copies of the form, fill out one for each team member. All peer evaluations will be held in 100% confidence.