Git Lecture

A lecture on the underlying model of Git. [Slides (Keynote)]

Git Video Series

Follow along this series of short videos on how to get started with Git.

  1. Introduction

  2. Setup

    $ git config --global "Your Name"
    $ git config --global
    # ~/.config/git/ignore
    # macos
    # IntelliJ IDEA

  3. Repository

  4. Commit

  5. Publish to GitHub

  6. Cloning from GitHub

  7. Coordinating Collaboration

  8. Branches and Pull Requests

  9. Rebasing

  10. Conclusion


Group Projects on GitHub

We require that group projects use a private repository created by the course staff hosted on GitHub under the jhu-oose organization. You will receive instructions on how to access the repository once groups are formed. You will use GitHub not only for hosting the Git repository for the code, but also for managing the project and delivering each Iteration. You will use the issue traker, pull requests, project boards, the wiki, and so forth.

Create one issue for every planned feature / use-case, bug, enhancement (for example, refactorings), and so forth. Never commit directly to the master branch, but use branches and create pull requests citing the corresponding issue (if any). This sparks conversations, allows asynchronous collaboration, and documents the development process, which is useful for the team as it moves forward and for the group advisors when grading.