Starred activities are in-class participation activities for which attendance is required.

Day Date Activity Assignment Out Assignment Due
Aug 31 Thu Course Overview;
Web Applications in Java
Sep 6 Wed Web Applications in Java RESTful server  
Sep 11 Mon Requirements    
Sep 13 Wed git Requirements / git;
Project Iteration 1
Project group formation
Sep 18 Mon *Project Requirements Lab   RESTful server
Sep 20 Wed *Project Requirements Lab   Requirements / git (Friday)
Sep 25 Mon Design Design  
Sep 27 Wed *Project Requirements Lab Project Iteration 2 Project Iteration 1
Oct 2 Mon *Project Requirements Review;
*Project Design Lab
Oct 4 Wed Design and Coding Principles Design Principles  
Oct 9 Mon *Project Design Lab    
Oct 11 Wed Implementation and Testing Project Iteration 3 Project Iteration 2;
Design Principles (Friday)
Oct 16 Mon *Project Design Reviews;
Project Implementation Lab
Oct 18 Wed Refactoring    
Oct 23 Mon Refactoring Refactoring  
Oct 25 Wed *Project Implementation Lab   Refactoring (Friday)
Oct 30 Mon Design Patterns Project Iteration 4 Project Iteration 3
Nov 1 Wed Design Patterns Design Patterns  
Nov 6 Mon *Project Implementation Lab    
Nov 8 Wed *Project Implementation and Presentation-planning Lab   Design Patterns
Nov 13 Mon *Project Overview Presentations    
Nov 15 Wed *Project Implementation Lab Project Iteration 5 Project Iteration 4 (17th)
Nov 20-26   Thanksgiving Break
Nov 27 Mon *Project Implementation Lab; quiz group studying    
Nov 29 Wed *In-class quiz    
Dec 4 Mon *Project Implementation Lab    
Dec 6 Wed *Project Implementation Lab Project Interation 6 Project Iteration 5 (8th)
M-T     Project demos
Dec 20 Wed     Iteration 6
Peer Reviews

Potential evening tutorial session topics

  • Javascript
  • Docker
  • Android SDK
  • iOS / XCode
Make some noise on Piazza if you are interested in one of these.