Meeting time

Fridays, 13:15–14:15.


Malone Hall 338.

Discussion Schedule

Date Paper Presenter
2016-12-09 Go Leandro Facchinetti
2016-12-02 Higher-Order Symbolic Execution via Contracts [PDF] Dr. Scott Smith
2016-11-18 Beautiful Racket Leandro Facchinetti
2016-11-11 From Datalog to FLIX: A Declarative Language for Fixed Points on Lattices [PDF] Dr. Scott Smith
2016-11-04 Thorn—Robust, Concurrent, Extensible Scripting on the JVM [PDF] Hari Menon
2016-10-28 Keeping it Clean with Syntax Parameters [PDF] [Slides] Leandro Facchinetti
2016-10-21 Implementation of purely functional programming languages Dr. Scott Smith
2016-10-07 Practical Demand-Driven Program Analysis with Recursion Leandro Facchinetti
2016-09-30 Dynamic Witnesses for Static Type Errors [PDF] Dr. Scott Smith
2016-09-23 Desugaring Haskell’s do-notation Into Applicative Operations [PDF] P.C. Shyamshankar
2016-09-16 A Tutorial in k-CFA Leandro Facchinetti
2016-09-09 Datafun: a Functional Datalog [PDF] Nathaniel W Filardo
2016-09-01 Programs for PLDI 2016, ICFP 2016 and Haskell 2016 Dr. Scott Smith