Meeting time

Fridays, 11:00–12:00.




Discussion Schedule

Date Paper Presenter
2020-08-05 Behavioral Software Contracts, ICFP 2014 keynote (video) Scott Smith
2020-07-31 Contracts for Higher-Order Functions, ICFP 2002 (pdf) Scott Smith
2020-07-24 Data Types Via Contracts or Retracts or Patterns (Data Types as Lattices, paper 2) Scott Smith
2020-07-17 Gillian, Part I A Multi language Platform for Symbolic Execution, PLDI’20 (pdf, video) Shiwei Weng
2020-07-10 Beyond Code: New Signals for Static Analysis, SOAP@PLDI 2020 keynote (video) Scott Smith
2020-07-03 Value and allocation sensitivity in static Python analyses, PLDI 2020 (pdf, video at 2:34:20) Scott Smith
2020-06-24 Data-Driven Inference of Representation Invariants, PLDI 2020 (pdf, video at 3:15:00) Scott Smith
2020-05-22 Higher-Order Test Generation, PLDI 2011 (pdf) Shiwei Weng