Meeting time

Fridays, 14:00–15:00.


Malone Hall 222.

Discussion Schedule

Date Paper Presenter
2017-12-08 Pony Dr. Scott Smith
2017-12-01 Runtime Serialization of Higher-Order Functions Guoye Zhang
2017-11-17 Practice talk on Advanced Rewriting Kenneth Roe
2017-11-10 Gradual Types and Memory at OOPSLA 2017 Shiwei Weng
2017-10-27 Abstracting Definitional Interpreters (Functional Pearl) [PDF] Leandro Facchinetti
2017-10-13 MPS Shiwei Weng
2017-10-06 Functional Programs that Explain their Work [PDF] Dr. Scott Smith
2017-09-29 A Unified Approach to Solving Seven Programming Problems (Functional Pearl) Leandro Facchinetti
2017-09-22 Kenneth Roe’s practice talk Kenneth Roe
2017-09-15 Kotlin Dr. Scott Smith
2017-09-08 Define schedule for semester Dr. Scott Smith