Meeting time

Fridays, 12:30–13:30.


Malone Hall 222.

Discussion Schedule

Date Paper Presenter
2018-05-04 Pointer Analysis (PDF) Dr. Scott Smith and Leandro Facchinetti
2018-04-27 On the Expressive Power of Programming Languages (PS) Leandro Facchinetti
2018-04-20 Practical Implementation of ωDDPAc Achintya Gopal
2018-04-13 Soft Contract Verification for Higher-Order Stateful Programs (PDF) Dr. Scott Smith
2018-03-30 Why Is Random Testing Effective for Partition Tolerance Bugs? (PDF) Dr. Scott Smith
2018-03-09 Intermediate Representations: Continuation-Passing Style (CPS) & Administrative-Normal Form (ANF) Leandro Facchinetti
2018-03-02 Practice talk P.C. Shyamshankar
2018-02-23 Elixir Shiwei Weng
2018-02-16 Meltdown and Spectre Dr. Scott Smith
2018-02-09 Practice talk Kenneth Roe
2018-02-02 Define schedule for semester Dr. Scott Smith