Meeting time

Fridays, 11:00–12:00


Malone 222 & JHU PL Zoom


Discussion Schedule

Date Paper Presenter
2022-05-27 On Type-Cases, Union Elimination, and Occurrence Typing, POPL ‘22 (paper) video
2022-05-06 Tutorial on CPS (tutorial) Shiwei Weng
2022-04-22 An Introduction to Logical Relations (tutorial) Scott Smith
2022-04-15 Compiling with Continuations, Correctly, OOPSLA’21 (paper) video
2022-04-08 Synthesizing Contracts Correct Modulo a Test Generator , OOPSLA’21 (paper) video
2022-04-01 How Statically-Typed Functional Programmers Write Code, OOPSLA’21 (paper) video
2022-03-18 Static Prediction of Parallel Computation Graphs, POPL’22 (paper) video
2022-03-11 Formal Metatheory of Second-Order Abstract Syntax, POPL’22 (paper) video
2022-03-04 Scalability and Precision by Combining Expressive Type Systems and Deductive Verification, OOPLSA’21 (paper) video
2022-02-25 Type-Level Programming with Match Types , POPL’22 (paper) video
2022-02-18 A formal foundation for symbolic evaluation with merging, POPL’22 (paper) video
2022-02-11 Return of CFA: Call-Site Sensitivity Can Be Superior to Object Sensitivity Even for Object-Oriented Programs, POPL’22 (paper) video
2022-02-04 Reachability Types: Tracking Aliasing and Separation in Higher-Order Functional Programs, OOPSLA 2021 (paper) video
2022-01-28 Define schedule for semester Scott Smith