Meeting time

Fridays, 11:00–12:00.




Discussion Schedule

Date Paper Presenter
2021-01-08 Format Unraveled, JFLA 2017 (pdf) Shiwei Weng
2020-12-18 The Denotational Semantics of Programming Languages ( paper pdf 1 by R.D. Tennent, 2 3 by Dana Scott ) Scott Smith
2020-12-11 Functional Programming for Dynamic and Large Data with Self-Adjusting Computation, ICFP 2014 (link) Kelvin Qian
2020-12-04 OCaml Core and Async libraries (core, async) Scott Smith
2020-11-20 Tutorial: Adjunctions in Everyday Life (cont.) (video) Devin Hill
2020-11-13 Tutorial: Adjunctions in Everyday Life (video) Devin Hill
2020-11-06 Lenses tutorial (video 1 2 3) Devin Hill
2020-10-30 Symbolic execution with SymCC: Don’t interpret, compile!, Security 2020 (pdf, page) Shiwei Weng
2020-10-23 Higher-Order Constrained Horn Clauses for Verification, POPL 2018 (pdf, video) Shiwei Weng
2020-10-16 Zipper tutorial (video) Scott Smith
2020-10-09 Predicate Abstraction and CEGAR for Higher-Order Model Checking, PLDI 2011 (pdf) Shiwei Weng
2020-10-02 The Virtues of Semi-Explicit Polymorphism, ML 2020 (page) Scott Smith
2020-09-25 A Bounded Model Checking Technique for Higher-Order Programs, SETTA’19 (pdf) Shiwei Weng
2020-09-18 Running Symbolic Execution Forever, ISSTA 2020 (pdf, video) Shiwei Weng
2020-09-11 Recovering Purity with Comonads and Capabilities, ICFP 2020 (pdf, video) Scott Smith
2020-09-04 A Unified View of Modalities in Type Systems, ICFP 2020 (pdf, video) Scott Smith